Long live life!

Cattery Vivalavita*RU has officially been registered according to FIFE system since October 2011.

We specialize in breeding Siberian cats of traditional colors, including rare colors with white and golden color.
Our Goals
  • Breed Siberian cats according to high standard
  • Improve the type of Siberian cats of rare colors
  • Select breeding animals not only of excellent exterior, but also character - social towards humans and animals
  • Use only healthy and high quality animals in breeding
of breeding experience
countries where our
kittens reside
Our Rules

1. Animals of highest breeding value remain in our cattery
2. Kittens move in their new home not earlier than at the age of 3,5 months
3. Price of each individual kitten can be very different
4. Only fully healthy animals can participate in breeding efforts of the cattery
Our Team