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Selecting and reserving a kitten

Fell in love with a kitten you saw on our webpage? This article is meant just for you: this is a step-by-step guide on adopting a kitten from our cattery.

1. Make sure you really need a kitten

  • Our cats will accompany you for many years. But just like children, they might require some extra attention, especially at the very start. They may scratch or knock down your favorite pieces of furniture, get sick or hurt. A kitten is a living being, and you should be ready to hold full responsibility for their lives.
  • We are looking for loving parents for our kittens. Please keep in mind, our cats are not meant as toys for your children. They are the equal members of the family.
  • Even though unpretentious, cats require a certain level of comfort in their lives. This means high quality nutrition, toys, climbing and scratching posts, etc. Sickness might lead to additional spend on vet services and necessary medication. Should your budget be very limited, we would recommend careful consideration when selecting a pet.
  • Our cats truly enjoy human touch and company. Should you be away for travel very often, you might risk causing unnecessary stress to your pet.

2. Get in contact with us

If the section above has not scared you away, we would love to hear from you! Please share some information about yourself: your pets, home, family, cattery (if you are a breeder), your interest in our kitten, expectations from the new family member. This information will help us guide you through the process.

Contact info:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 8-968-719-03-48

3. Getting to know the kitten

We are happy to tell you everything about the kitten: its character, parents, preferences in food and care. We will also gladly share lots of pictures and videos of the cat with you. We are true believers in love from first sight (even on photo) - this is how the happiest of our graduate stories started!

4. Reserving a kitten

Once you are very sure in your decision, you will be required to pay an advance. With this we will have proof of your true intentions, while you will have the security that your kitten's status is now “reserved” and it will not be offered to other interested parties anymore. Kittens are open to reservation from the earliest age.

From now on the preparation for the new family member moving in can start! We are happy to help you pick everything necessary for the happy life of the kitten in your home.

Price of each individual kitten can be very different. A very promising kitten in terms of breed qualities can carry a high price no matter the future plan for participation in breeding. Kittens born in small litters and from cats with few litters altogether can even be considered exclusive.

5. New kitten is moving in

Kittens can move in their new home no earlier than at the age of 3,5-4 months, depending on the destination. By this age kittens have already received all the necessary vaccinations and have a strong enough immune system to go through the stress of being introduced to the new environment and new people. There have unfortunately been many stories with a tragic end, where the new owners could not wait just a couple more months to adopt their kitten.

All kittens move in new home being fully vaccinated, equipped with a microchip, passport, heart ultrasound, pedigree and FIFE transfer (in case of future participation in breeding or timely castration for pets). Upon request additional tests can be performed.

All our kittens receive a dowry: food and litter they are used to for the first weeks, their favorite toys.

Today, our graduates live in 25 countries as pets or producers in other catteries. We work with experienced courier providers which can perform the delivery on land or air (cabin or cargo), depending on the destination.

6. Take care and stay in touch

The first couple of days are the toughest for any cat. Some would get used quicker, some slower - in any case, these days are the most important in their adaptation. Do your best to spend as much time as possible with the kitten, if possible take a day off work. We have prepared a separate article for the new parents to help you get through this time as smoothly as possible.

We hope that even long after receiving the kitten you will continue delighting us with short notes, pictures, videos and stories of our precious children. Our cattery does not only focus on breeding cats, it also brings together people who love them. Many of our proud cat owners remain in contact with us and with each other over many years. We are there for you, always happy to answer your questions or help with advice.