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About us

Our cattery has officially been registered according to FIFE system since October 2011.

Viva la vita stands for “Long live life” in Latin, and our cattery proudly represents this motto with the rich and colorful palette of Siberian cats. We specialize in breeding Siberian cats of traditional colors, including rare colors with white and golden color. We aspire to perfect the quality of our animals not only in their exterior, but also their character.

Producers of the cattery undergo all necessary tests for genetic diseases, such as polycystic kidney disease (PKD), pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK def), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and viral diseases.

Today we are proud to count more than 200 graduates that reside in 25 countries of the world as pets and breeding quality animals in other catteries.

Over the years we have acquired many breeder friends around the world, which allows us to bring fresh blood to our cattery. Thanks to that we own multiple imported animals of highest quality that participate in our breeding efforts.

We do our work with heart and soul and consider each and every kitten born in our cattery our own child. We are true to what we do, and do not set revenue maximization as our goal. In turn, we expect the same from the new kitten owners: love and care for our cats, so that all our efforts do not simply go to waste. Our cats, in their turn, will surround you with love and affection, positive emotions and bright memories! Viva la vita!

Our goals

  • Breed Siberian cats according to high standard
  • Improve the type of Siberian cats of rare colors
  • Select breeding animals not only of excellent exterior, but also character - social towards humans and animals
  • Use only healthy and high quality animals in breeding

Our rules

1. Animals of highest breeding value remain in our cattery

We may only sell such an animal to another cattery in Russia if no agreement between breeders involved in this pairing is in question.

We work with rare colors, which may lead to limitations in using our producers for breeding and sales on certain territories. This means kittens from some pairs cannot be sold for future breeding purposes for one or more reasons.

Development of the cattery, expansion of possibilities and enhancement of breed quality are key to us, as well as improvement of life conditions of our cats.Therefore among all potential owners we have preference for those, who would like for their animal to participate in breeding efforts of our cattery in the future.

2. Kittens move in their new home not earlier than at the age of 3,5 months

We make sure all our animals are fairly and carefully treated, which applies to both producers of the cattery and our kittens.

  • Our cats give birth no more than three times in two years. Exception can be made for hyperactive cats whose health supports more frequent pregnancies. In all other cases we tend to minimize the amount of births, e.g. one litter a year only. This allows not only for the well deserved rest for the mother cat, but also for more attention towards our newborns.
  • By the age of 3.5-4 months kittens have already received all the necessary vaccinations and have a strong enough immune system to go through the stress of being introduced to the new environment and new people. There have unfortunately been many stories with a tragic end, where the new owners could not wait just a couple more months to adopt their kitten.
  • A kitten is a living being, an equal member of your family. It is not a toy for you or your children. Our kittens deserve only the best families and best lives. Adopting a kitten is a major step that requires quite some preparation and cannot be made in haste. This animal will be with you for many happy years.

3. Price of each individual kitten can be very different

A very promising kitten in terms of breed qualities can carry a high price no matter if there is no future plan for participation in breeding. Kittens born in small litters and from cats with few litters altogether can even be considered exclusive.

Price of a kitten does not equal the cost of its care and upbringing (e.g. food, litter fill, scratching posts). Price of a purebred kitten equals the human effort, the full history of breeding that led to this particular excellent animal brightening your house every day for many years.

Keep in mind that a purebred animal cannot possibly be cheap for various reasons!

4. Only fully healthy animals can participate in breeding efforts of the cattery

We keep a very close look after the mental and physical health of our animals. All necessary tests are performed in timely manner to confirm the ability of each animal to participate in our breeding efforts.

Our cattery only uses animals for breeding purposes after their quality has been confirmed on multiple FIFE shows for adult cats. Participation in shows for other systems is very welcome.

Cattery bio

My name is Ekaterina, I am the owner of the Cattery Vivalavita*RU.

Just like any breeder, I place cats above all. I truly believe that a good breeder should be a fan of their work, as it is their hobby as well. While others take vacation to get away from home, we take vacation to spend more time at home expecting birth of our kittens and taking care of the newborns.

Since I was little our family has always had cats. After the death of our beloved family cat Thomas we started looking for another one like him, as he had Neva Masquerade roots. Then we adopted Venya (Aivengo Sibirskiy Samotsvet), a Siberian color point and the first cat we owned to take part in shows and breeding.

During the search for a Maine Coone in 2010, my attention was caught by the golden color in Siberian cats. One day I came across a photo of a golden kitten: this was love from first sight. One week later Yagodka Volzhskaya Krasa, a true Siberian lady, joined our family. She is the first female ancestor of our cattery.

The male ancestor of our cattery is Angelur Barkhan, a cat with a kind soul and a true Siberian manly stare.

Our first litter from Yagodka and Barkhan arrived on 23 October 2011, and our cattery has been since registered according to the FIFE system under the name Vivalavita*RU. Most of the kittens from this lucky pair live abroad and have received high titles and appraisals. We have also kept one of their daughters - Bozhena Vivalavita - our next producer at the cattery (now retired) and my childhood dream.